art = a happy heart

Last night I had a ridiculously good time at the opening night preview party of The Artist Project (March 1-4) an exciting juried art show featuring original works from over 200 independent Canadian and International contemporary artists. If you live in Toronto I highly encourage you to see the show before it closes on Sunday.

Here’s a peek of just a few of my favourite artists:

Image © Tara Krebs
Image © Cori Lee Marvin
Image © Jennifer Wigmore
Image © Amanda Burk
Image © Casey Roberts
Image © Graham French

Art makes my world a better place.

11 replies to “art = a happy heart

  1. Hi Lila,

    Did you know that I went to school (Belgravia, McKernan and Scona) with Jenny Wigmore? (I was actually in her brother, John’s, grade). I have kept my eye on her art over the last couple of years and love the one that she did of Gordon Pinsett. She, like you, is a great Canadian talent. Wish I could have joined you last night! Smooch.

  2. Went to the Citadel Theatre on Friday night and saw “Red” – the story of the Mark Rothko Seagram Murals..fabulous play and an interesting look at the Abstract Expressionism movement. My favourite art form has to be theatre.

    1. I love theatre too! ART makes the world a better place in all its forms: painting, poetry, music, theatre, cooking, quilting, dancing, gardening, writing, film … the list goes on and on.

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