about the blog

Dear Reader,

Bliss, joy, contentedness, pleasure, delight, elation, ecstasy — Happiness takes many forms.

  • Happiness can be found in solitude or interacting with others.
  • Happiness can be found in altruism or hedonism.
  • Happiness can be found in action or in relaxation.

What makes me happy, may not make you happy. But perhaps we can both agree, that happiness exists and is something worth sharing.

So what’s this blog about? My intention is to share with you my own ‘little discoveries’ that bring me happiness – in the hope they might do the same for you. An insightful book, an imaginative work of art, an inspiring story, or a photo I took of a beautiful old tree.

I invite you to follow along on my playful search for beauty & inspiration in everyday life.

May Happiness follow you everywhere.

Lila Cheekytree


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