3 replies to “Everything has beauty

  1. I love those caterpillars!! Unfortunately on handling they hurt!! Any idea what they become??Beautiful butterfly or moth?? Stages of beauty sometimes resemble stages of life! Cheers diana

    1. I love these caterpillars too. They are often called a Yellow Woolly Bear and eventually become a Spotted Tussock Moth – a rarely spotted moth because they are so plain. Which is the reason I selected it for today’s post that everything has beauty…if we look closely.

      p.s. I snapped this photo on your front porch Diana.

  2. I JUST saw a nature show about these little guys. They spend… all summer eating, then hibernating under some twigs (wherein they freeze completely solid). Thaw out in the spring and continue eating. At the end of all this they spin a cocoon, and if they survive, become a moth for like three days before they expire. What a life!
    But they’re totally cuter as a fuzzy caterpillar.

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