Discovering Beauty in Blue

To continue with the blue theme from my last post here are 4 works by some of my favourite artists I’ve recently discovered on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Emily Ferretti

Kate Shaw

Source: via Lila on Pinterest

Amanda Blake

Source: via Lila on Pinterest

Valerie Hammond

art = a happy heart

Last night I had a ridiculously good time at the opening night preview party of The Artist Project (March 1-4) an exciting juried art show featuring original works from over 200 independent Canadian and International contemporary artists. If you live in Toronto I highly encourage you to see the show before it closes on Sunday.

Here’s a peek of just a few of my favourite artists:

Image © Tara Krebs

Image © Cori Lee Marvin

Image © Jennifer Wigmore

Image © Amanda Burk

Image © Casey Roberts

Image © Graham French

Art makes my world a better place.