Get thee to CHIHULY

Last month I was in Montreal for a single day which I spent (due to heavy rain) indoors at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA). While it may have been gloomy outdoors, inside it felt like a magical Garden of Paradise thanks to the ethereal, other-worldly glass sculpture of American artist Dale Chihuly.

An acknowledged master of site-specific installation, Chihuly created a unique exhibit consisting of eight immersive environments, four of them designed specifically for the Museum. This exhibit inspired me to take MANY photos and his use of bold colours and organic forms have even made an impact on my latest drawings.

The Canadian exclusive exhibit CHIHULY: Utterly Breathtaking is on now at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts until October 20, 2013. If you can, go see it!













7 thoughts on “Get thee to CHIHULY

  1. Fabulous photos. You inspired me to go last month and I’m so glad I did. I loved how the glass installations interacted with the gallery space. Breathtaking and spellbinding.

  2. So cool! I was just in Rochester and there is a Chihuly in the lobby of the new wing at the Eastman School of Music suspending 100 feet off the ground…its similar to the blue one in picture #7…so incredible! Wish I COULD get ME to Montreal!

  3. YOU, my dear, are like a sponge -not in a bad way ☺ but being inspired and soaking in the genius. LUV LUV LUV Chihuly since the first moment I saw his piece hanging in the ceiling of Vegas Bellagio. He also has a piece right here in Toronto in the restaurant Ki We should check it out, but the food is ridiculously expensive in my opinion.


  4. Thanks for sharing. His work is beautiful! I looked at the “early morning show “clip and it was worth the look. It showed Chihuly at work and the interviewer got a chance to create some blown glass under his supervision. I think many of his creations look like beautiful sea anemones and creatures that might be found near a thriving coral reef.


  5. This is a favourite of mine, followed his work for years , saw some in Vegas several times, dream of going to the Seattle gardens he has created there, it is unbelievable, huge glass bubbles floating in a pond ++++++ saw many shows of him actually at work,….runs his work regularly…happy you got to this showing…Lots of Love Marilyn

  6. Thank you for all your thoughtful replies. It seems almost impossible not to have a positive response to this joyful work. While I was in the exhibit I watched people just stand still and SMILE. I was in awe and I felt that smile myself, deep inside. That’s powerful stuff. Thank you Dale Chihuly!

  7. Wow. that’s amazing. I love uplifting beautiful art, and this fits exactly what I’m looking for. Time to take a trip to Montreal. You going back anytime soon? Call me! 🙂

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