The story behind the scarf

Last weekend I was visiting a longtime girlfriend in Prince Edward County and was able to show her my scarves for the first time. As I shared ‘Out of the Blue’ with her and her mom, I enthusiastically pointed out where each of the images in the photo-collage pattern originate. “Why don’t you tell people that in your blog?” she asked me. But how would I ever be able to replicate this one-to-one experience? Click here to view the visual story of the inspiration for this scarf. I hope you like it.

33 replies to “The story behind the scarf

  1. Despite knowing it was a collage I had no idea (except for the canoes) about the stories behind the pictures!! That was a great” look see” at your travels.I was worried you weren’t going to “publish” this week,and I was really missing it.

    1. Thanks Suzannah. Yes, I’d like to create more of these. This format just fit for the photo-collage design, I’ll have to brainstorm new ways to tell the stories about my other scarves. A fun challenge! Stay tuned.

  2. Lila, I love how you’ve captured so many of your travel memories so creatively. You deserve much more than one thumbs up! xo

  3. Fantastic! Very inspiring! How about ……umm A post card with those pictures included with the scarf to challenge the persn to find them in THEIR NEW SCARF! The story truly captures me!
    good job!

  4. You get two thumbs up from me! I agree…you should let us know the “history” of all your scarves….it’s so fascinating.

  5. There is a little rectangle that looks like sun sparkling on water . . . .is that Moraine Lake? I had no idea this beautiful scarf had came from so many amazing experiences. You are so talented Lila! Smooch.

  6. This is really cool. I would never have recognized the pool at the Bellagio but it makes the scarf more interesting when you see the inspiration behind it. It would be nice to have the explanation accompany the scarf so that the person who purchases it can have the pleasure of knowing too.

  7. Wow- the explanation really brings it to life. when you understand the images it’s like you’re wearing history and architecture on your shoulders. It’s makes your designs even more vibrant. Absolutely a good idea. Beautiful. (And I agree with Pat- the explanation increases the first -exposure value of the scarf. It has more meaning, and allows the wearer to use it as a conversation starter as well as a beautiful article of clothing!)

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