Romeo or Butter?

Original artwork by Lila Cheekytree

How would you define happiness in just one word? The answer says a lot about a person.

I had fun imagining how some famous women throughout history might reply to this telling question:

Juliet Capulet might say Romeo

Amelia EarhartAdventure

Emily Dickinson Solitude

Carol Burnett Laughter


Mother TeresaService

Queen Elizabeth II Corgis

Frida Kahlo Imagination

Martha Graham Movement

Julia Child Butter

In one word, how do you define happiness? Tell me.  I really want to know.

11 replies to “Romeo or Butter?

  1. For me, no one word can define happiness. Like romance, it comes with a setting, a mood, a life situation and an attitude. And i think it is changeable and shifts according to your current position (i.e. I have time but no money, or money but no time). when I think of what would make me happy today it would be a day off with nothing to do but drink coffee and read a good book (more than one word, I know). Last week it would have been a day at the beach, and five years ago, a child. Sometimes it’s simply a rainy day.

    This morning, it’s “peace”. (Mental)

    Any help Lila? 😉

    1. Beautifully expressed Michele. I agree. The “one word” people choose changes from moment to moment., day to day, year to year. One thing alone can’t keep us happy forever, because we are always changing.

      I thought it would be easier for all my busy friends to reply to this post if I just asked for one word, but so many of them (not just you) wanted to say much more. Now I feel bad for editing everyone else’s comments down to just one word. I’m sorry everyone. Sometimes I can be a real stickler about rules.

      As for advice, well I feel just as sad, frustrated and alienated as everyone else. That’s part of being human. We could never feel happy, inspired and connected without having felt the opposite ends of the spectrum. I think the secret to happiness is what we choose to pay attention to every single day. Notice what is good and beautiful in your life today. Whenever I do that, I always feel grateful. And a grateful person is a happy person. I think that would be my one word “gratitude”.

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