Discovering Beauty in Blue

To continue with the blue theme from my last post here are 4 works by some of my favourite artists I’ve recently discovered on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Emily Ferretti

Kate Shaw

Source: via Lila on Pinterest

Amanda Blake

Source: via Lila on Pinterest

Valerie Hammond

True Blue – new fabric collection

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones…it will always stay blue; whereas yellow is blackened in its shades, and fades away when lightened; red when darkened becomes brown, and diluted with white is no longer red, but another color – pink.” — Raoul Dufy

I love colour but if I had to choose a favourite I’d pick blue. It makes me happy (especially turquoise) and it has a calming effect too. And unlike any other colour you can mix and match blues of almost any shade or hue and they look great together.

Take a peek at True Blue my new collection of fabrics now available in my shop on Spoonflower.