Embarrassed to be seen trying

“Sometimes the biggest secret women keep are what they really want to do with their lives.”

“Aren’t we all secretly aware that there are things we’d like to try, and might actually be able to do, if we weren’t so damned embarrassed to be seen trying.”

— Kelly Corrigan

I dare you, watch this inspiring video clip of best-selling author Kelly Corrigan read an excerpt from her April 2010 Glamour magazine essay.

Fitter Body = Fitter Brain

If you don’t have a New Year’s resolution to be more active in 2013 this infographic should give you some inspiration to get fitter. Working out doesn’t just affect the body, it affects the brain by stimulating brain cell growth.  A fitter body = a fitter brain.

Maybe it’s time they renamed exercise weights “smartbells“.

How Working Out Can Make You Smarter Infographic

Graphic courtesy of OnlineCollegeCourses.com

Stay Curious with Skillshare

SkillshareWant to stay young at heart? The secret is to never lose your sense of curiosity or wonder. Why not start the year off by learning something new? I’ve just enrolled in this 2 week course with Skillshare – a global learning community where you can learn real-world skills from real people. If you don’t already know about Skillshare then click here to check out the classes they are currently offering. You can learn anything from meatball making to logo design at affordable prices (my course was only $20).

I hope your 2013 is filled with curiosity and wonder. Happy New Year!


Need a little inspiration? Click on the image above to watch this short video on staying curious.

Cloudbusting: make it happen

But every time it rains,

You’re here in my head,

Like the sun coming out

Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen.

And I don’t know when,

But just saying it could even make it happen.

— Kate Bush, lyrics from Cloudbusting

Lately I’ve received a few very nicely worded rejection letters (emails actually). Hearing “no” doesn’t feel great initially, but it’s not as bad as you might think.

Strangely, rejection is  kind of empowering. These little setbacks don’t make me want to quit; quite the opposite they make me feel a little more fearless. Rejection brings out that inner voice that says: “I can do this”. It reminds me that success is the process of doing, not the end result.

Famous Late Bloomers

Have you ever imagined yourself playing the guitar, learning to speak Italian, writing a novel, running a marathon, or starting your own business? Well what’s really stopping you?

These famous individuals were all late bloomers:

  • Actor Alan Rickman (of Die Hard and Harry Potter fame) didn’t begin his acting career until he was 28. He didn’t get his first real break into theatre until he was in his 40s.
  • Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen did not release his first album until he was 32.
  • Anthony Burgess, the novelist best known for A Clockwork Orange, published his first novel at age 39.
  • Clint Eastwood, the oldest person to win the Academy Award for Best Director, directed his first film at 41.
  • Writer Laura Ingalls Wilder became a columnist in her forties, but did not publish her first novel in the Little House series of children’s books until her 60s.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken icon Colonel Sanders began his franchise in his 60s.
  • Frank McCourt didn’t publish his first book Angela’s Ashes (which he later won the Pulitzer Prize) until he was 66.
  • The classic late bloomer is American folk-artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses (better known as Grandma Moses) whose painting career began in her 70s after abandoning a career in embroidery because of arthritis.

Remember, it’s never too late to start living your dream.