Everything is going to be okay

Image by Jennifer Judd-McGee represented by Lilla Rogers

I can be a bit of a worrywart so I’ve had to say this to myself a lot lately. Funnily, if I stay in the present moment and say these words, it works.

8 thoughts on “Everything is going to be okay

  1. A ground floor apartment in our neighbourhood has two signs in their windows.
    One window has a sign that reads “Don’t Worry. You’re GREAT!”.
    Another window sign reads, “hooray for TODAY”.
    They’re simply designed signs, but those messages always put a smile on my face and make things right.
    Today, I went by the building and took photos of them. I’ll send the pix to you, Lila.

  2. This seems to have struck a chord with many of us! As a freshly minted freelancer, it made me smile and relax, just a little. Thanks Lila x

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