Wing It: Feel ready to improvise

Wing It - Limited Edition scarf (upper right corner) and details

WING IT – Limited Edition #2

We can’t always be prepared, sometimes we need to act on the fly. Feel ready to improvise in this feathered design.

  • 100% silk
  • Square (36” x 36”)
  • Designed in Toronto
  • Made in the USA

 I don’t have to tell you how quickly things are changing, and while being fully prepared for what lies ahead may be ideal it’s rarely possible. So today’s post and my newest scarf is an ode to improvisation. Here’s to going with the flow.

“Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.”

George Gershwin

18 replies to “Wing It: Feel ready to improvise

    1. Thanks Marilyn. Two new arrivals were just delivered today. It’s so exciting to see how the designs drape. Wing It creates the most beautiful feather-frame around the neck when worn.

      1. Each scarf is so beautiful and vibrant, how can you ever decide which one you love the most? Such a talent you are.

  1. Amazing colours Lila. It looks like stormy skies, and the raven wing just works. Perfect for a moody fall day. My kinda thing exactly! Beautiful!

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