The Element of Subtraction

Image by Lila Cheekytree

In art, sometimes what isn’t there can be more powerful than what is. Like when a music composer uses silence to create a dramatic pause. Or how an artist utilizes empty space on a canvas. Or when a director doesn’t actually show you the monster in a horror film.

And in life too, sometimes less is more.

So from now on when I’m reviewing my daily ‘To Do’ list, I’m going to incorporate the element of subtraction and eliminate what doesn’t really matter to make room for what does.

p.s. This blog post was inspired by the article Zen & the Art of Simplicity by Mathew E. May.

8 replies to “The Element of Subtraction

  1. Back to what really does matter!! Family,friends..the important other’s in one’s life..subtract the clutter both emotionally and physically!! Cheers Diana

  2. I agree that what isn’t there can be more powerful than what is. Think about our conversations what isn’t said can be just as important or more important than what is said. And , only about 20 per cent of our communication is verbal or “said.” But I am really fed up with less is more. Sounds like a budget cutting exercise to me.

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