Yes! Yes! Yes!

For years I’ve carried a small notebook with me wherever I go. When it comes time to start a new one, I have a little habit where I crack open the spine and write these three words on the first page, just like this:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

So I thought it was fitting that I use these same three words to begin MY VERY FIRST blog post ever.

  • Yes is one of my favourite words. It’s enthusiastic and optimistic.
  • Yes means anything is possible.
  • Yes can lead to new places or adventures.

It’s one of the best words to HEAR from another person.

Yes, you’ve been accepted.

It’s also one of the best words to SAY.

Yes! I’ll marry you!

I sincerely hope that you will follow along on my playful search for beauty & inspiration in everyday life.

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Thanks for reading.

Lila Cheekytree

14 thoughts on “Yes! Yes! Yes!

  1. Lila, I’m thrilled to actually be suscribing to a blog!!! me the techno- wizrard!! Love all your ideas and work!!! Love D. Xoxo

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